Welcome to Berlin – Snapshots out now


10 beats produced in and one way or another inspired by the wonderful city of berlin. IAMNOBODI’s Snapshots From Berlin takes you to some of the city’s most interesting places. The full album is now available as download on our Bandcamp page and there are still some copies on numbered vinyl left. each with a unique polaroid taken in the streets of berlin. 250 copies, 250 different covers. All polaroids, signed, commented and/or painted on by IAMNOBODI. Trust us, this took more than one night to put together. Go get it today.

Spring time updates

Dear Jakarta Records fans, please appologize our absence on this site but we have a good reason (no really, we do): we have been and still are busy working on bringing you fresh sounds for the sunny season… So here’s what’s been going on: We have two big vinyl ship outs coming up, starting with Sango‘s Da Rocinha 2 end of this week, followed by IAMNOBODI’s Snapshots From Berlin on April 14. Then there is of course Blitz the Ambassador‘s new album afropolitan dreams, which will be out on April 28. If you haven’t seen it, check out the video… (more)

Make You No Forget ft. Seun Kuti (Official Video) from MVMT on Vimeo.

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Straigh outta Egypt: Maryam Saleh, Youssra El Hawary, Oddisee, Brenk, Blackjoy

Last friday was the release date of the “Sawtuha” project, which was a result of a recording session with 9 musicians from Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria that spend 2 weeks in a studio in Tunis with Oddisee and Olof Dreijer of The Knife. To celebrate the release we uploaded two more tracks by Maryam Saleh and Youssra El Hawary, both from Cairo, to our soundcloud. The two songs were originally produced by Oddisee and got the remix treatment by austrian beat maker Brenk and by french producer Blackjoy. You can get the full release here.

coming soon: “snapshots from berlin” by IAMNOBODI.

here’s a little preview for the IAMNOBODI “snapshots from berlin” release. it will take a couple of weeks before they’re done. a lot of stamping and glueing that needs to be done but we feel this is gonna become a special little product. 10 beats produced or one way or another inspired by the wonderful city of berlin. 250 copies on numbered vinyl, each with a unique polaroid taken in the streets of the city that inspired the release. 250 copies, 250 unique covers. this will eventually be a little series with dedication to other places and activities coming soon.

umse & jakarta, wir machen kunst und kein theater…

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